Company Background

Profit Cheer Shipping Limited is a worldwide freight forwarder registered in 1995, employs over 20 staff members and the amount of annual transhipment for export / import containers are over 10000 TEU.

Over the past few years, we have built up an innovative reputation among the freight forwarders. Our second-to-none services are not just provided in Hong Kong, but even though the major region in worldwide. We collaborate with over 100 shipping agents in the world, which locate in the following regions:

Worldwide Shipping Agents Network



Burma£»Cambodia£»Indonesia£»Japan£»Macau£» Malaysia£»Philippines£»Sarawak£»Singapore£»South Korea£»Taiwan£»Thailand£»Vietnam









Montreal£» Toronto£»Vancouver£»






France£»Germany£»Holland£»Sweden£»United Kingdom £»Belgium£»Finland£»Milan£»Spain






Chittagong£»Dhaka£»Bombay£»New Delhi£»Chennai£»Karachi £»Colombo






Los Angeles£»New York£»All Inland Points

We have successfully established as a freight forwarder with a worldwide transportation network that can cover both the ocean freight and air freight cargo services in order to suit our clients' needs.

Our professional and experienced staff can handle every import, export or transhipment order efficiently and with great care. Profit Cheer also possesses a comprehensive staff-training program and presents a very professional and proactive approach towards service, supported by an open staff communication channel.


Profit Cheer are certainly qualified as a professional in the freight forwarding field and all of this qualification will support our commitment to meeting the expectation of our client and serve clients' satisfaction.

In Jan 2001, Profit Cheer has been awarded the certification of ISO 9002. This certification was granted by the SGS Yarsley International Certification Services of United Kingdom, which is one of world leading body in the quality assurance. This demonstrates once again our commitment in serving the network of sea and air freight with excellent and quality services to our honorable customer. 

Since receiving the certificate of NVOCC bond for ocean freight cargo and transshipment to the USA in December 1998, while we have striven to develop and improve the market of America so as to achieved the prospect and future developments of Profit Cheer.

Profit Cheer aim at providing professional & valuable services to all esteemed customers in compliance with the U.S. Customs Rules by implementation of official AMS with International Carrier Bond directly and independently.

In develop of serving our Air freight, Profit Cheer has been accredited by Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong under the Aviation Security Ordinance indicating that Profit cheer are qualified to practice as regulated agent for air freight cargo [Since 2000]. The most safety and systematic service for air freight cargo with continue to better ourselves to serve our clients.

With this award, we are confident that we can continue to deliver the best and quality services to suit your need and to your satisfaction in future.