Professional Warehouse Service

Our private-owned godown enables us to provide complete warehousing services. Together with our well-trained staff, we are sure to deliver the most efficient, secure and reliable services to the customers:

1. Systematic Procedures 
   - to loaded and unloaded goods within a short period of time and eliminated the queuing time

2. Advanced Storage Management System 
   - to ensure efficient monitoring and handling of goods in grand standard.

3. Well-equipped Operational Team 
   - to maintain effective communication among the team members and the central control unit.

4. Front Gate Security Controls Station 
   - to prevent trespassing of unauthorized vehicles.

5. Installation of precautionary systems 
   - to enhance the safety of good such as fire detection, security alarms that link to the nearest police and fire stations and 24-hour security guard service

Comprehensive services are further enhanced via our domestic transportation service, which include the provision of various sizes of trucks and tractors for Hong Kong and China land transport service.

Being aware of the competitive market, Profit Cheer has actively repackaged itself as a total logistics solution provides offering one-stop convenient service to customers. It represents that a central service stand is set up in Hong Kong so as to control all the transportation project efficient.